1. Find your image in the archive.140600-HOWTO-prints-01

2. Images are displayed one of two ways in the archive. You will either only see the image (as above), or you will see the image with the title, caption, and ¬†add to cart button (as below). Use the “more info” and “less info” buttons to toggle between these views.


3. Use the “add to cart” button to order a print or medium resolution digital download.


4. When you click “add to cart,” a window like the one above will pop up. Select “prints” or “downloads” from the tab at top right. The prints tab is displayed above.


5. Select your print finish and the number of prints you wish to order at any given size. Then press the “add to cart” button.


6. When you press the “add to cart” button, the contents of your cart will be summarized (as above) and you will have the choice to “check out” or to “continue shopping.”


7. If you choose to check out, you will be brought to your shopping cart. Here, you can modify and review your order. At this stage, you should also manually crop each of your images to ensure they are printed to your specifications.


8. In the example above, you will notice that the 5×7 print I am ordering does not fit the aspect ratio of the original image. I can drag the red crop lines to indicate how I would like the image printed.

9. Once you are satisfied with everything, use the “check out” button to complete your order.